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Getting Started

To download the Construction Reimbursement Application and other required documents, see below.

Before an application is approved and an reimbursement agreement is signed, the library is engaged in a variety of construction-related activities. See Construction Project Timeline below for a broad overview of the phases of a library construction project.

  1. Preliminary Phase
    1. Determine need for project
    2. Letter of intent from library to OLIS
    3. Fundraising
  2. Review and Approval
    1. Planning documents from library to OLIS
    2. Construction Reimbursement Application from library to OLIS
    3. Final Funding Approval
  3. Bidding and Award of Municipal Contract
    1. Preparation for competitive bid per RI General Laws 45-55-5
    2. Bidding process
    3. Award of contract
  4. Library Construction
    1. Library provides minutes of all project meetings
    2. Library provides approved payment requests and copies of change orders
    3. Library notifies OLIS of any major issues during construction
  5. Project Completion, Audit, and Reimbursement
    1. Project is completed within 2 years of signed agreement; library submits Certificate of Substantial Completion to OLIS
    2. OLIS audits project
    3. OLIS issues reimbursement schedule
    4. Reimbursement begins in state fiscal year following the fiscal year project was completed, audited, and accepted
    5. Any refinancing of loan covering the state share must receive approval from OLIS prior to modification; any modified loan agreement must be submitted to OLIS