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The delivery service is provided to members of the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) network for interlibrary loan and other resource sharing activities. 


Report a missed stop, an incomplete pick-up, missing or damaged items, received wrong item, excess or needing additional bins, a library closure, or temporarily suspending delivery.

Member libraries are discouraged from reporting the driver is "late." There is no guarantee of a specific time for delivery. Nearly 175 libraries statewide receive delivery and individual routes may be impacted by weather, traffic, delivery volume, staffing or vehicle trouble. Due to the complexity of delivery routes, the timing of delivery cannot be easily adjusted.

Delivery Issues Form

Request a long term adjustment to your existing delivery schedule, or resume a suspended delivery service.

Delivery Schedule Request Form

Authorized libraries can request a special delivery (one per week).

Delivery on Demand Request Form


Delivery Guidelines

The following are a series of documents providing the guidelines libraries must follow to use the delivery service. 

Library materials sent through the courier include but are not limited to books, photocopies, flyers, films and other non-print items, boxes of books and other library items.

Cartons may be used for bulk shipments to the same destination. All addresses on cartons used for previous shipments must be blocked out. Cartons, boxes, and other containers must be sealed and clearly marked with the proper 3-letter code.

Library Materials NOT to be Sent Through the Courier

  1. non-ILL items meant for the Delivery on Demand (DOD) libraries
  2. oversized/heavy packages - individual packages may not be more than 50 lbs. In weight and not exceed more than 60" in length, plus width, plus height.
  3. fragile/breakable items
  4. equipment (with the exception of Talking Books machines returning to DSL)
  5. cash, checks, money orders
  6. materials of a rare or irreplaceable nature

Over two million library materials pass through the delivery system each year. Most items reach their destination without incident; however, some have substantial delays or are reported missing. The following list denotes the most common reasons for materials going astray during the delivery process:

  • Lack of a delivery slip
  • Incorrect or invalid library code on delivery slip
  • Item sent to a non-LORI library
  • Lending Library did not place item in outgoing delivery bin
  • Borrowing Library did not properly check item into system
  • Item has been inadvertently shelved at either library

The courier does not hold materials at its facility. All materials received by the courier are sorted the same day, and distributed to libraries the next delivery day. Undeliverable items are sent to OLIS, and non-LORI items are sent back to the sending library. To ensure the item in transit arrives in a timely manner, it is important to follow this checklist:

  1. All materials placed in the delivery system are properly labeled, and the delivery slip secured.

    See Delivery Best Practices.
  2. Only LORI library items are placed in the delivery system.
  3. Items are placed in the outgoing bin immediately after being marked "in transit" in the online catalog.
  4. Check-in procedure is properly executed before the returning items are shelved.

If a library receives a non-LORI item from a patron, the item must be dispositioned by the receiving library. Do not send non-LORI materials to OLIS for disposition; the materials will be returned to the sending library.

If a library deems the delivery vendor responsible for a missing item, use the Delivery Issues Form

Only materials generated from an interlibrary loan request may be sent to DOD (Delivery on Demand) libraries. If your library has books or other non-ILL materials to send to a DOD library, you will need to make arrangements on your own to have these materials delivered. Violation of this policy will result in the sending library being fined the current cost of the stop.

OLIS determines a library’s designation as Delivery on Demand based on data on the library’s delivery volume and the state’s budget for delivery.

OLIS certifies libraries to be part of the Library of Rhode Island network. Only member libraries can use the delivery system for resource sharing and interlibrary loan.

Even if you are sending non-ILL items to libraries on regular delivery schedule, you must do the following:

1. Check the above section: What Can Be Sent in Delivery.

2. Check the Library Delivery Schedules to see which libraries are on regular delivery and use the proper 3-letter code when sending to those libraries.

3. Double check to make sure you have NO DOD (Delivery on Demand) libraries on your list.


Requests to Use the Delivery Service

Non-profit organizations and government agencies must meet the following criteria:

  1. The materials or the services/programs referred to in the materials are free of charge to libraries and the target audience.
  2. The materials to be distributed could enhance library services and its outreach to the community.
  3. The non-profit organization or government agency agrees to package and label all envelopes or boxes of materials at its own expense.
  4. Total weight of individual boxes of materials do not exceed 25 lbs.
  5. Non-profit Organizations Only: The non-profit organization is authorized to transact business in Rhode Island.

Submit the following information by email:

  1. Name of the organization or agency making the request.
  2. Name and contact information of the individual representing the organization or agency.
  3. A digital copy or image of the material(s) and a brief description of it.
  4. Intended use and audience for the materials.
  5. A draft notice to libraries stating the purpose of the materials and their audience. If the request is approved, this notice will accompany materials.
  6. A list of the types of libraries that the organization would like to receive the material, i.e., public, school, academic, hospital, other. Consult the online list of eligible libraries. [Under no circumstances will delivery be made to libraries noted as DOD (Delivery on Demand).]

Submit the request to Lori DeCesare at OLIS. Incomplete requests will be returned with notations of missing information. OLIS will respond within 10 business days.

OLIS will:

  1. Provide a template of labels with the libraries’ 3-letter delivery codes for the requester to print and use to label all envelopes or boxes.
  2. Accept and inspect the materials for libraries with regular delivery schedule.

The non-profit organization or government agency will:

  1. Package materials in envelopes or boxes. (Rolled items cannot be accepted.)
  2. Insert the approved notice to libraries in each envelop or box.
  3. Unless otherwise authorized, deliver all materials to OLIS at 1 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908, from where they will be placed in the delivery system.