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Library Statistics

To better understand the impact of library services and the roles of libraries at the local, state and national level, the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) engages in a systematic program of gathering, processing, and analyzing data relating to Rhode Island public library development and interlibrary cooperation. Data is analyzed and published to facilitate data-driven decision making and strategic planning at the local and state level. Statewide data is contributed to national data-gathering initiatives.   

The primary data collection activity is administration of the Rhode Island Public Library Annual Survey. The survey is used for two purposes: to collect data for the federal Public Libraries Survey (PLS) and to collect data, certifications, and applications for Rhode Island’s State Aid to Libraries program. OLIS provides training for libraries on the collection and use of data to drive decision making.  

Data collected from Rhode Island public libraries pertaining to various aspects of their operations and services.

Public Library Annual Survey: Most recent comparative statistics reports available here.

Document Repository: View reports from previous years. Select 'Public Library Annual Survey' from Area dropdown menu and click Apply. 

Usage data and statistics regarding OLIS's delivery services of materials to libraries across the state. 

Resource Sharing Reports and Statistics (Item Count and Interlibrary Loan)

Statistics regarding the participation in public library summer reading programs for children and adults across Rhode Island.

Summer Reading Program Statistics

Statistics about the statewide usage of the AskRI databases and online learning platforms. All reports are available in the Document Repository. Select 'AskRI' from the Subject dropdown menu and click Apply.

Document Repository

Statewide Reference Resource Center (SRRC): Visit to learn about this state-funded grant-in-aid program that provides online resources for all Rhode Islanders. 

Library Search and Compare: This web-based tool provides an easy way to query, browse, view, and download data about individual libraries from the Public Libraries Survey. From the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Pew Research Center: This link goes to the Libraries page, displaying articles, reports, presentations, and research related to libraries.