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BARD (Braille And Audio Reading Download)

BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) is a national service provided by the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS). The service is administered locally by Talking Books Library. Through BARD, Talking Books Library members may download books to play on their NLS digital machines and other authorized machines. Currently BARD offers thousands of titles.

You must be a Talking Books Library member in order to have a BARD account. 

Application for BARD Service (follow link for Individuals or Institutions)

Login to BARD

NLS Tutorials - YouTube Videos

Questions about BARD? Check these links:

BARD Mobile App Resources

BARD Express

BARD Express will make browsing BARD audio materials, downloading titles, and transferring them to a cartridge or USB drive much easier for many patrons using a windows PC. Login to BARD with your current user ID and password and go to "Additional Links" then select "BARD Express".

BARD Express Tutorial

About BARD

  1. Application approval. Talking Books Library reviews and approves applications for BARD.
  2. Technical support. Talking Books Library provides support for questions about BARD to its Rhode Island members. Call TBL at (401) 574-9310 or email For advanced technical support, contact NLS at
  3. Patrons are allowed up to 100 authorization counts in a 30-day period. Each time a book or magazine is downloaded into the BARD Mobile application, an encryption file called an Authorization Object accompanies the download and permits the book or magazine to be played securely. If a patron authorizes more than 100 books and magazines in a 30-day period, the authorization Object will not download, and thus a person receives the unauthorized message.
  4. Patron accounts may have up to five mobile devices registered to a BARD account in a 365-day period. A mobile device is defined as any device that runs BARD Mobile.
  5. Log-on page. The site uses a form similar to those found on most Internet pages and should be familiar to users of other sites. The log-on page is screen-reader friendly.
  6. Search functionality. BARD provides simple and advanced search functions. Entering multiple search terms returns only results containing all of the terms.
  7. Most Popular Books list. Select the "Most Popular Book" link from the home page to access a list of the top twenty most-downloaded books on BARD in the last ninety days. Fiction and nonfiction titles are listed separately.
  8. Magazine section. "Recently Added Magazines" displays links to only the most recent issue of each magazine. Magazines older than one year must be accessed from each title's magazine archive. Links to the archive are at the bottom of each magazine's page.

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