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Disability Resources In Rhode Island

Accessible Rhode Island

P.O. Box 20185

Cranston, RI 02920

(401)383-8878 (Voice)

A website that lists libraries, restaurants, museums, cinemas and cultural sites that have been surveyed according to the guidelines for identifying accessibility outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

R.I. Adaptive Telephone Equipment Program (ATEL)

c/o Vocational Resources, Inc.

100 Houghton Street

Providence, RI 02904

(401) 276-0875 (voice)

(401) 861-6677 (TDD)

The ATEL Program loans telephone equipment to residents of the State of Rhode Island who have hearing, speech, or neuromuscular (unable to dial or hold a receiver) impairments.

Assistive Technology Access Partnership (ATAP)

Office of Rehabilitation Services, Vocational Rehabilitation

40 Fountain St.

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 462-7917 (voice)

Contact: Melanie Sbardella

The purpose of Assistive Technology Access Partnership is to bring about systems change and advocacy through a comprehensive, consumer-responsive partnership of Rhode Island resources to maximize the timely delivery of appropriate assistive technology devices and services to Rhode Islanders with disabilities of all ages.

Camp Mauchatea

P.O. Box 284

Greenville, RI 02828

(401) 949-2442

A camp for Rhode Islanders aged 6 to 17, who are legally blind. The camp provides summer recreation at no cost to children who are blind, including those with multiple handicaps. Camp Mauchatea is sponsored by the Rhode Island Lions Sight Foundation

Community Provider Network of RI (CPNRI)

1130 Ten Rod Road


North Kingstown, RI 02852

(401) 295-5757

(401) 295-5462 Fax

CPNRI represents twenty-six private providers of services and supports to people with developmental disabilities in Rhode Island.

Department of Human Services – Disability Determination Services (DDS)

40 Fountain Street

Providence, Rhode Island 02903

(401) 222-3182

(401) 222-1389 TTY

(401) 222-3868 Fax

Contact: Deborah Cannon

(401) 222-3182 x 259

DHS offers a broad spectrum of high-quality programs and benefits including those aimed at promoting family and individual self-sufficiency as well as those designed to improve the health status of Rhode Islanders.

Disability Rights Rhode Island (DRRI)

33 Broad Street, Suite 601

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 831-3150

(401) 831-5335 TTY

(401) 274-5568 Fax



Disability Rights Rhode Island (DRRI) provides free legal assistance to persons with disabilities.

Governor’s Advisory Council for the Blind and Visually Impaired

40 Fountain St.

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 421-7005 Voice

(401) 421-7016 TDD

(401) 222-3574 Fax

(401) 272-8090 Español

The council is an advisory body appointed by the Governor and mandated by state law that advises the Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired regarding the programs provided by the agency. Participates in working relationship with the State Rehabilitation Council and Statewide Independent Living Council.

Governor’s Commission on Disabilities

John O. Pastore Center

41 Cherry Dale Court

Cranston, RI 02920-3049

(401) 462-0100

(401) 462-0101 TTY

(401) 462-0106 Fax

To ensure that all people with disabilities are afforded the opportunities to exercise all the rights and reponsibilities accorded to citizens of this state and each person with a disability is able to reach his/her maximum potential in independence, human development, productivity and self-sufficiency.


43 Jefferson Boulevard

Warwick, RI 02888

(401) 941-3322 Voice

(401) 941-3356 Fax


IN-SIGHT is a private, non-profit organization incorporated in 1925 to serve the needs of Rhode Island's blind and visually-impaired population of all ages.

Learning Disabilities Association of America, Rhode Island

11 Chaloner Court

Cranston, RI 02921

(401) 946-6968

LDA's mission is to create opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities and to reduce the incidence of learning disabilities in future generations.

Long Term Care Coordinating Council

Office of the Lt. Governor

Room 116, State House

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 222-2371 Voice

(401) 222-2012 Fax


The Long Term Care Coordinating Council was formed under RI General Law 23-17. to ensure the highest degree of quality and accessibility in caring for our elderly and disabled citizens, and in aiding the families and loved ones who support them in their daily lives.

Meeting Street

1000 Eddy Street

Providence, RI 02905

(401) 533-9100

(401) 533-9101 Fax


Meeting Street is an internationally acclaimed educational innovator for learners of all abilities, from infancy through young adulthood. For six decades, Meeting Street has been a pioneer and leader in designing and advocating for inclusion, early intervention, and educational and therapeutic services for children.

National Federation of the Blind of Rhode Island

P.O Box 154564

Riverside, RI 02915

(401) 433-2606

(877) 383-3682


The NFB improves blind people’s lives through advocacy, education, research, technology, and programs encouraging independence and self-confidence. R.I. NFB is an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind.

New England ADA and Accessible IT Center

200 Portland Street, Suite 1

Boston, MA 02114

1-617-695-1225 (Voice/TTY)

1-800-949-4232 TTY (voice/ TTY- in New England Only)

1-617-482-8099 Fax


The New England ADA & Accessible IT Center provides information and guidance on the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 508, and accessible information technology to individuals living in New England.

Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL)

1944 Warwick Avenue

Warwick, RI 02889

(401) 738-1013 ext. 13 (Info and Referral Specialist)

1-866-857-1161 (Toll Free - Voice)

(401) 738-1015 (Main Office - TTY)

(401) 738-1083 Fax


Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL) is a consumer controlled, community based, nonprofit organization established to provide a range of independent living services to enhance, through self direction, the quality of life of Rhode Islanders with significant disability and to promote integration into the community.

Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS)

40 Fountain Street

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 421-7005

(401) 421-7791(Español)

The mission of the Office of Rehabilitation Services is to empower individuals with disabilities to choose, prepare for, obtain and maintain employment; economic self-sufficiency, independence, and integration into society.

Office of Special Healthcare Needs

3 Capitol Hill, Room 302

Providence, RI 02908

(401) 222-5929

1-800-942-7434 Voice

(401) 222-5960 (out of state)

(401) 222-6548 Fax

TTY: 711

The Office of Special Healthcare Needs (the Office), ensures family-centered, community based, systems of services for children and youth with special healthcare needs.


96 Rolfe St.

Cranston, RI 02910

(401) 785-2100 voice

(401) 785-2186 Fax

(800) 745-5555 TTD (Relay RI)

PAL is a statewide, non-profit organization that was built on the need to support and empower families and people with disabilities as they advocate for themselves.

Re-Focus, Inc.

45 Greeley St

Providence, RI 02904

(401) 272-1600

(401) 751-1378 Fax

Re-Focus, Inc. is a non-profit human service agency which serves adults with differing physical and developmental needs.

Rhode Island Department of Healthy Aging

Hazard Building #74

West Road

Cranston, RI 02920

(401) 462-3000 Voice

(401) 462-0740 TDD

(401) 462-0503 Fax

DEA is the state's primary agency devoted to the development, implementation and monitoring of a comprehensive system of community-based programs and services for seniors. The DEA is also designated as the state's single planning and services area agency on aging under the provisions of the Older Americans Act. DEA, through its community partners, serves the needs of 225,000 seniors and adults.

Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education / Office for Diverse Learners

255 Westminster Street, 4th floor

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 222-8999 Voice

(401) 222-6030 Fax

The goal of the Office of Diverse Learners is to ensure that children with diverse learning needs are provided equal access to a public education and that schools develop effective, unified strategies for meeting the needs of each unique learner.

Rhode Island Developmental Disabilities Council

400 Bald Hill Rd., Suite 515

Warwick, RI 02886

(401) 737-1238 voice/TDD

(401) 737-3395 Fax


The Rhode Island Developmental Disabilities Council wants to help make sure that men, women and children who have a developmental disability fully participate in family and community life. Most are people with developmental disabilities and their family members.

Rhode Island Parent Information Network (RIPIN)

1210 Pontiac Ave.

Cranston, RI 02920

(401) 270-0101


(401) 270-7049 Fax

RIPIN offers eleven programs and services to families with children in RI, including families of children with special needs. RIPIN serves more than 65,000 Rhode Islanders each year.

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority

705 Elmwood Ave

Providence, RI 02907

(401) 781-9400 (Buses)

(401) 784-9500, ext. 604 (Bus Pass Program)

(401) 461-9760 or 1-800-479-6902 (RIDE Vans)

1-800-745-5555 TTY

(401) 784-9523 Fax

Maintains a fleet of 240 buses, including 20 CNG trolleys and 5 CNG 30’ buses, 125 paratransit vans, 19 Flex vans, and 1 ferry boat. To serve individuals with disabilities who are unable to use regular bus service. RIPTA provides ADA Paratransit Services through the RIde program for Seniors and People with Disabilities.

Rhode Island Relay

Dial 711 for easy access to Relay

866-703-5485 (TTY/Voice)

800-676-4290 (Español)

877-787-1989 ( Speech-to-Speech only)

866-931-9027 (Voice Carry-Over only)

877-877-3291 (Fax)

ASCII A communication link between Text Telephone (TTY) users and those who use a traditional telephone. The service is provided 24 hours a day, every day. There is no charge to access RIR and all calls are handled in strict confidence.

R.I. Department of Special Education Advisory Committee

255 Westminster Street

Providence, RI 02903-3400

(401) 222-8333 Voice

The Rhode Island Special Education Advisory Committee (RISEAC) advises the Commissioner and Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education. Membership of the committee is composed of individuals involved in or concerned with education of children with disabilities.


20 Nobert Street

Warren, RI 02885

(401) 337-5888 Voice

(401) 245-8023 Fax

The RI Statewide Independent Living Council (RISILC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Independent Living for people with disabilities throughout the state. The Council has joint responsibility with the Office of Rehabilitation Services for developing and monitoring Rhode Island’s State Plan for Independent Living.

Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SBVI)

40 Fountain Street

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 222-2300

(401) 421-7016 TDD

(401) 222-1328 Fax

The purpose of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired is to provide eligible individuals with visual impairments the opportunities and support that will enable them to become independent, active, self-sustaining members of their community.

Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities

Rhode Island College

600 Mt. Pleasant Ave

Providence, RI 02908-1991

(401) 456-8072 Voice

(401) 456-8773 TTY

(401) 456-8150 Fax

The mission of the Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities is to promote the community membership of individuals with disabilities in school, work and society.

State Rehabilitation Council

C/o Nancy Baker

40 Fountain Street

Providence, RI 02903

(401) 421-7005 ext. 311 Voice

(401) 421-7016 (TDD)

The Council is a citizen advisory body appointed by the Governor and mandated by the Rehabilitation Act as amended. The SRC is an independent body of diverse members that works together to insure continuous improvement in the Office of Rehabilitation Services.

Talking Books Library

One Capitol Hill, 2nd Floor

Providence, RI 02908

(401) 574-9310 Voice

(401) 574-9320 Fax

711 TTY



Talking Books Library is the Rhode Island RegionalLibrary for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and functions as a public library for Rhode Island residents who are unableto read standard print. Talking Books Library lends reading materials in audio and digital format and specially designed equipment free of charge through the U.S. Postal Service.


110 Jefferson Boulevard, Suite I

Warwick, Rhode Island 02888-3854

(401) 463-0202 TTY, Voice

(401) 463-3433 Fax

1- 800-916-TECH (8324)(In-state only)

TechACCESS of RI is a private, not for profit resource center that serves people with disabilities who are interested in assistive technology. Assistive Technology is any device which helps a person with a disability function better at home, work, school, or in the community.

Training through Placement, Inc.

20 Marblehead Ave

North Providence, RI 02904

(401) 353-0220

(401) 353-8126 Fax

1-800-745-5555 TTY

TTP, Inc. provides vocational training and placements for adults with developmental disabilities and mental health disorders.

United Cerebral Palsy of Rhode Island, Inc.

200 Main Street, Suite 210

P.O. Box 36

Pawtucket, RI 02862

(401) 728-1800

(401) 728-0182 Fax


Since 1954, UCP Rhode Island has been serving people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities who live in the State of Rhode Island.