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For Cartridges With Multiple Books Or Magazines (Bookshelf Mode)

  • To enter Bookshelf mode, hold down the green, square Play/Stop button at the front of your digital machine.
  • After about five seconds you will hear a beep and the machine will announce "Bookshelf."
  • Then it will announce the name of the book/magazine that was most recently played (or all of the books if you are at the beginning)
  • To move to another book/magazine, press either the rewind (RW) or fast-forward (FF) buttons. (These are the triangular/arrow shaped white buttons on either side of the Play/Stop button.) The player always announces the titles of the books/magazines. After you hear the title you are interested in, please press the green square play/stop button to begin that book.

For example, if there are five books stored on the flash drive or cartridge, and the last book played was in the second position:

  • Press FF to move forward to the third book, or press RW to move back to the first book.
  • Always remember you need to hit Play again after the Book/Magazine title you wish to listen to is announced.