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State Aid Funding Formula Study

The Library Board of Rhode Island formed the State Aid Funding Formula Review Committee per the Board's bylaws at its April 2016 meeting to review the current Grant-in-Aid funding formula defined in RI General 29-6-2. The committee was charged to determine if:

  1. The LBRI should endorse a change in the statute or to recommend that the statute not be changed.
  2. Regardless as to the recommendation requested in Goal 1, bring the LBRI a minimum of one recommendation of altering the existing formula to align the funding in keeping with the overall mission of OLIS in providing superior library services to all Rhode Islanders.

The committee presented its report to the Library Board of Rhode Island at its December 19, 2016 meeting. The Board voted to accept the report at its meeting on January 9, 2017. The full report is available below, or read the summary of the report's findings.

Report and Supporting Documents