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OLIS Develops Library Presenter Directory

[December 16, 2019] The Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) is pleased to announce a new service to connect libraries and presenters to support educational, cultural, recreational, and civic programming in libraries. The OLIS Library Presenter Directory (LPD) is an online clearinghouse for information about program presenters, as submitted by presenters, for the use of Rhode Island libraries. Using the LPD, libraries can identify presenters on a variety of topics for audiences of all ages. The LPD has been developed as a dynamic directory for library staff and presenters across the state to connect year-round to plan library programming.

For Libraries – Presenter Information in One Place

  • Find presenters for any age group, for any time of the year
  • Identify presenters to fit with an ongoing series or a unique program
  • Search for presenters by keyword, audience, program type, price, or language – or browse all listings
  • Find price ranges and group (block booking) rates to fit your budget
  • Check presenter references by contacting other libraries who have hosted the presenter

Library staff should be aware that all presenter information is self-submitted; libraries should perform due diligence in vetting presenters for programs, including requesting background checks. The LPD provides information and links to forms for background checks and Internal Revenue Service Request for Tax Payer Identification (W-9) for performers, but it is the sole responsibility of the library to research performers and obtain paperwork in accordance with local procedures.

Library staff should notify OLIS if there is an issue with any listing in the LPD. Be sure to include the presenter’s name and the link to the listing in question.

For Presenters – Program Information Available to Libraries 24/7

  • List your library programs for children, teens, and adults for any time of the year
  • Categorize your offerings to make it easier for libraries to find your programs
  • Create multiple listings to highlight significantly different programs, or group similar programs together in a single listing
  • Keep listings current by editing program descriptions and information as needed – no need to contact OLIS staff to update your listing
  • Include links to your website and social media
  • No charge for registration or program listings
  • Directory is accessible to all libraries in Rhode Island


  • December 16, 2019: LPD opens for presenters to register and submit listings. Presenters are encouraged to submit listings by January 17, 2020 to ensure inclusion in the LPD when it is launched later in the month. However, presenters may create accounts, add listings, or update existing listings at any time.
  • January 28, 2020: Launch of the LPD at the youth services meeting on summer reading.

Directions for Use

Library staff and presenters who wish to use the LPD must create an account. Please see the Directions section of the LPD for instructions on how to register as a library staff member or as a presenter.

About the Library Presenter Directory

Programming is an essential service that libraries provide year-round in their communities. The LPD is a new way to connect libraries and the presenters who can provide educational, cultural, recreational, and civic programming for audiences of all ages. In creating the LPD, OLIS sought to provide resources that go beyond helping libraries find summer reading program presenters, developing a new tool that enables libraries to locate presenters for children, teens, adults, and intergenerational audiences while providing consistent and searchable information on presenters. Through LPD, libraries can discover new presenters or locate old favorites in a single detailed directory that includes program information, audience, price, references, and more.

Rhode Island has an abundance of talented presenters who can offer a wide array of programs to libraries. OLIS encourages libraries to promote this new service to successful presenters you have engaged for your library so that we can create a rich and diverse directory of presenters. Please send a link to this page to presenters who may wish to be included in the LPD.