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About the LORI Grant Program

Institute of Museum and Library Services
Institute of Museums and Library Services

LORI Grants are offered by the Office of Library and Information Services as subgrants funded through its federal Institute of Museum and Library Services grant under the Grants to States Program supported by the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is the primary source of federal support for the nation's libraries and museums. IMLS advances, supports, and empowers America’s museums, libraries, and related organizations through grantmaking, research, and policy development. The IMLS vision is a nation where museums and libraries work together to transform the lives of individuals and communities. To learn more, visit and follow IMLS on Facebook.

2023 LSTA Sub-Grants Awards


Ashaway Free Library

Located in: Town of Hopkinton
Website: Ashaway Free Library
Project Title: Growing Lifelong Readers: Bridging the Gap between Early Education and Adulthood
Grant Award: $5,000
Project Director: Heather Field, Library Director

The Ashaway Free Library will update and enhance the juvenile fiction collection with high-interest materials to better engage young readers. The new collections will be informed by conversations with elementary- and middle-school-aged patrons and their families and kids will be invited to participate in a reading challenge featuring the new titles.

Cranston Public Library

Located in: City of Cranston
Website: Cranston Public Library
Project Title: Library Collections Diversity Assessment
Grant Award: $9,000
Project Director: Edward Garcia, Library Director

The Cranston Public Library will conduct a diversity assessment of its collection and purchase recommended materials. Library staff are committed to building collections that reflect the community and represent a wide range of experiences. Using Ingram Library Services “iCurate inClusive" product, staff will learn where there are gaps in the collection and purchase recommended materials that reflect the diverse composition of the community.

Cranston Public Library

Located in: City of Cranston
Website: Cranston Public Library
Project Title: Library Outreach “Branch7”
Grant Award: $19,555
Project Director: Edward Garcia, Library Director

Cranston Public Library is launching “Branch7”, a new library outreach van. The library will be outfitting a vehicle with storage, filling it with materials, and wrapping it with visible branding so that it can bring meaningful library experiences to neighborhoods that are far from the library’s physical locations. Starting in summer 2023, “Branch7” will deploy to strategic locations in underserved neighborhoods to provide access to essential library services like registering for library cards, checking out materials, and participating in the summer reading program.

Community Libraries of Providence

Located in: City of Providence
Website: Community Libraries of Providence
Project Title: BiblioDiversity
Grant Award: $23,700
Project Director: Cheryl Space, Library Director

Community Libraries of Providence will host Wild Lives Bibliodiversity rainforest experiment to connect Providence children and families to wildlife in the home country of one of the city’s largest immigrant communities, Guatemala. During the several-class series children will take a front-seat role as they investigate the secret lives of animals, learning and using skills in tracking, scientific illustration, camera trapping, and storytelling.

Douglas & Judith Krupp Library, Bryant University

Located in: Town of Smithfield
Website: Krupp Library
Project Title: Scaling Virtual Reality Programming
Grant Award: $12,622
Project Director: Laura Kohl, Director of Library Services

The Krupp Library will create an enhanced and portable Virtual Reality (VR) lab with VR, Extended Reality (XR) and Augmented Reality (AR) equipment to engage users who are part of the Bryant community and beyond. Providing VR experiences to secondary and undergraduate students related to their areas of study allows for a unique opportunity to build knowledge, skills, and empathy. High school students attending summer camps focused on topics including Economics, International Business, and Data Analytics will use the expanded equipment in the library's Data Visualization Lab.

East Providence Public Library

Located in: City of East Providence
Website: East Providence Public Library
Project Title: Improving Library Services to Multilingual Communities and English Language Learners
Grant Award: $17,250
Project Director: Meredith Bonds-Harmon, Library Director

The East Providence Public Library serves a diverse, multilingual community and this project will focus on improving the library’s collection, services and physical space for this community. For youth, the library will expand its non-English picture book collection and offer several bilingual story time programs. In addition, the library will offer a pilot program under an experienced social worker to connect recent immigrants, English language learners, and multilingual individuals to resources, and expand the popular chess program to create a multilingual chess area to bring the community together.

Exeter Public Library

Located in: Town of Exeter
Website: Exeter Public Library
Project Title: Work and Career Support Hub
Grant Award: $15,000
Project Director: Tien Tran, Library Director

Exeter Public Library will create a new resource hub to support residents with work and career goals. Central to the resource hub will be a modern privacy pod providing individuals with a comfortable space for work, study, and virtual interviews and meetings. To increase visibility for and supplement this new facility, the library will purchase and feature a small collection of books and office supplies catering to resident’s career and business needs and launch a profile photo service to deliver a coherent suite of resources that will engage and benefit working residents.

Middletown Public Library

Located in: Town of Middletown
Website: Middletown Public Library
Project Title: MPL's Digital Literacy Service Program: Engaged, Enthused, Productive
Grant Award: $19,987
Project Director: Theresa Coish, Library Director

The Middletown Public Library will enhance learning programs for all ages and abilities by providing increased access to technology. Technology-based programs for early literacy learning, youth engagement, and adult digital literacy will be scheduled weekly from June to September. These programs will build on the library’s existing programs, such as 3D printing workshops, Dungeon & Dragons programs, and more.

Pawtucket Public Library

Located in: City of Pawtucket
Website: Pawtucket Public Library
Project Title: Patron Tablet Kiosk
Grant Award: $15,316
Project Director: Christine Jeffers, Assistant Library Director

Pawtucket Public Library’s Tablet Station Kiosk will enhance users’ library experience by making it easy to access a wide range of digital content anywhere they choose in the library, as well as providing access to the Internet for virtual sessions for such things as self-learning, educational classes, meetings, job interviews, occupational testing, medical appointments and more.

Providence Public Library

Located in: City of Providence
Website: Providence Public Library
Project Title: Preservation and Public Access to PPL’s Organizational Archives
Grant Award: $11,665
Project Director: Kate Wells, Rhode Island Collections Curator

Providence Public Library will archive its century and a half’s worth of organizational records and make them available for research and public access. This work will help preserve the library’s history and the history of libraries in Rhode Island for ongoing access as the library prepares for its 150th anniversary.

South Kingstown Public Library

Located in: Town of South Kingstown
Website: South Kingstown Public Library
Project Title: Narragansett Times Newspaper Digitization
Grant Award: $22,555
Project Director: Laurel Clark, Library Director

The South Kingstown Public Library holds both microfilm (1855-2010) and print (2011-present) formats of The Narragansett Times. This local newspaper covers the cultural happenings and news of southern Rhode Island, serving the communities of South Kingstown, Narragansett, and the surrounding areas of Washington County.  The library will continue previous digitization efforts and digitize print issues from 2011-2020, which will be added to the library’s existing searchable platform. The library will also engage with the Tomaquag Museum to deliver programs on indigenous history featured in the paper.

Warwick Public Library

Located in: City of Warwick
Website: Warwick Public Library
Project Title: Library of Things
Grant Award: $8,828
Project Director: Aaron Coutu, Library Director

The Warwick Public Library will expand its offerings of non-traditional items with a new Library of Things and create a shelving option that will allow patrons to have easy access to see what is available at any time. The collection will focus on four areas of interest: Crafting & Home Economics, Hardware & Tools, Medical & Health, and additional STEM Kit items to provide learning opportunities for the community. The library will partner with area organizations to further highlight the collection through programming while also helping to connect the community with those organizations, including Kent Hospital, Warwick Health Equity Zone (HEZ), RI Community Food Bank, a local vegan group, and area craftspeople and tradespeople.

West Warwick Public Library

Located in: Town of West Warwick
Website: West Warwick Public Library
Project Title: WWPL Innovation Lab
Grant Award: $24,722
Project Director: Colin McCullough, Library Director

West Warwick Public Library will create an “Innovation Lab” within the library. This dedicated space will provide a collaborative space, open to all ages and all library departments, where the community can come to together to share ideas and work on a range of projects and programs (both library-directed and patron-directed) using a variety of cutting-edge tools and resources.

Westerly Library & Wilcox Park

Located in: Town of Westerly
Website: Westerly Library & Wilcox Park
Project Title: Access to History
Grant Award: $25,960
Project Director: Brigitte Hopkins, Library Director

The Westerly Library and Wilcox Park will digitize approximately 150 reels of the Westerly Sun, to be searchable and hosted on the Community History Archive site. The library will share the digitized reels with the community by holding a public programs demonstrating how to use the database, publishing an article in the local paper to reach a wide audience, providing one on one tutorials to patrons in addition to the group program, and producing written materials as well.

Woonsocket Harris Public Library

Located in: City of Woonsocket
Website: Woonsocket Harris Public Library
Project Title: Woonsocket Call Digitization
Grant Award: $25,000
Project Director: Margaret McNulty, Assistant Director

The Woonsocket Harris Public Library will expand access to current library-use only materials through digitization of the library's microfilm collection of the Woonsocket Call newspaper dating from 1962-1974. The library has previously digitized the Woonsocket Call from 1900-1962 and created a website created to host the files. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology will be utilized for keyword text searching on the library's archival website.