Open Now: RI Digital Equity State Challenge Process

ConnectRI needs your help collecting challenges to the internet connectivity map from the FCC to ensure funds are allocated to unserved and underserved areas in RI.

The State of Rhode Island is receiving $108.7 million dollars to improve broadband infrastructure - the wiring needed for high-speed internet.
On May 29, 2024, ConnectRI released broadband maps for all Rhode Islanders to view their locations and the quality of service we believe they have. If residents or businesses have broadband service issues, this map will allow them to report those issues. At the end of the challenge process, the locations that are unserved or underserved on the broadband map will be eligible for broadband infrastructure investment. We need an accurate map to ensure the funding goes where it is needed most!

Explore the map, find guidance for processing a challenge, and contact the ConnectRI team for support on the State Challenge Website. OLIS is working with the ConnectRI team to schedule a training for libraries on the challenge process and how to submit challenges on behalf of your community. Stay tuned for training details.