NLS Releases BARD Mobile iOS v. 2.2.2

NLS has released BARD Mobile iOS version 2.2.2 to the App Store.  The enhancements included in this version are:

Siri shortcuts (voice user interface):

The app can now be operated by voice commands for playback and navigation, including stopping and resuming playback, fast-forwarding and rewinding by various intervals, and setting a sleep timer or a bookmark. Users can add Siri shortcuts in the app’s settings.

International language search:

Set up to four languages in the app's settings and then filter search results by selecting a preferred language.

Accessibility improvements for visually impaired users:

We have boosted color contrast between selected and unselected search categories. This update enhances visibility with Smart Invert, Classic Invert, and Dark Mode on.

Multiword search for Search/Search music

Bug fixes, including:

-- Garbled credentials error fixed

-- Switch from tone to speed is fixed on iOS 17

-- Get Books and Bookshelf now return only titles matching the type selected in the Show Me setting, i.e.

Audio Only / Braille Only / Both Audio and Braille

The app supports iOS versions 14 through 17.

This is a phased release, and the version will be available to all users by February 29.