Caregiver Burnout: A Downloadable Guide

A Guide for the Male Caregiver

Traditionally, caregiving tasks have fallen disproportionately on women, and as a result, many men feel overwhelmed and isolated in caregiving roles. They may struggle more as they learn to manage childcare tasks, cook, and help their loved ones bathe and go to the toilet. Emotionally, men may be uncomfortable reaching out for support and admitting to friends and family when they feel exhausted. Unless these stressors are addressed, the frequent result is caregiver burnout. This issue is only increasing as the number of male caregivers in the United States, currently around 40%, continues to grow. Caregiving is a challenge, but there are ways to address caregiver burnout.

This freeguide [] is intended for you, your library colleagues and patrons, or a family member or friend who is a caregiver.